• District heating is a growth industry in the U.K.
  • We can help your firm secure business and develop market share in the heat network sector.
  • Green Umbrellas works together with U.K. and international firms that want to accelerate the success of the heat network sector in the U.K.
  • Our partners and clients sell their services to local government, utilities, city authorities and housing associations.

We will help you take your product or service to market

Does your product or service help heat network owner and operators:

  • Save money
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Eliminate repair headaches

If so, Green Umbrellas can work with you to:  

  • Grow your market profile
  • Increase your sales pipeline value
  • Develop your network

Why not get in touch and start saving with Green Umbrellas.

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