Baths & Spa

Challenge: Moving to a position of energy awareness.

Energy usage is seen as a way to ensure the comfort of the member. Historically, no regard is given to the extent to which inefficient energy usage is holding the Baths & Spa back from meeting its wider goals. There is no understanding of the system efficiency, nor how this could be improved.

There is no direct control over energy with bills varying according to the price agreed via the energy broker. Outside of the annual maintenance, all other maintenance is reactive and unplanned and therefore more costly. 


The energy bill, including gas and electricity, comes to some £100,000 annually. Servicing and maintenance of the core plant is also a substantial cost. The total spend on energy and plant maintenance is, after the wage bill, the second biggest portion of the operational budget.

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Service Provided: The Energy Strategy Report & Board Presentation

Green Umbrellas carried out a site survey and desk-based energy usage review, to identify the principal energy risks associated with the operation and how they could be mitigated.  

  • We assessed the suitability and efficiency of technologies and components that generate and use energy on site. 
  • Interviews were carried out with the management team to understand the approach to using energy to meet operational goals.  
  • Our review of the energy profile includes: 
  • Analysis of the gas, electricity bills and half hourly meter readings 
  • Estimating the heat loss
  • Assessing habits and procedures associated with energy usage
Energy Strategy Development Information
  • The assessment allowed us to identify the big energy wins available to the Baths & Spa.
  • By providing a clear, visual and concise report we could demonstrate the potential to reduce energy costs by at least 20%, through reduced energy usage. 
  • A new benchmark of Annual Energy Usage per Member was suggested as an energy goal that can be easily tracked and communicated. 
  • We prepared a board level presentation to summarise the findings and explain the value of putting in place an Energy Strategy detailing how the Baths & Spa can achieve Energy Resilience through Energy Control.

Outcome: Move to Energy Benchmarking

The Green Umbrellas Benchmarking service provides an in-depth analysis of the site’s energy profile. The conclusions signal the next steps to begin with based on the invest to save criteria. 

The energy efficiency and control measures will help ensure there is more energy generated on site, less energy used on site, and reduce the reliance on the grid. 

These measures in combination will lead to greater carbon and cost savings, and always provide reliable payback.