Local authorities with ambitions to strategically deploy zero carbon energy systems are considering heat networks as a large-scale, long-term and reliable technology.

But, time is of the essence and the in-house resource to develop these plans is scarce.

Comsof Heat can help to reduce time and spend. To find out how, join us for our upcoming webinar, ‘Comsof Heat in the U.K.- working with local authorities to design and deploy district heating ’,on the 25th February at 11am GMT.

With Comsof Heat, local authorities and their technical consultants acquire the ability to develop in-depth techno-economic heat network mapping and modelling that save both time and money by shortening the time required to develop a comprehensive plan from months to weeks.

Furthermore, the software enables each technical designer to plan and design more heat network scenarios. To learn more you can download the Comsof Heat whitepaper that modelled 55 heat network scenarios using geo-thermal heat in just a few hours.

District heating networks are complex infrastructure projects that require a high level of initial capital investment. To secure that level of capital these projects need to secure buy-in from multiple stakeholders.

To get that buy-in a compelling vision and analysis must be developed. However, local authorities generally do not have the relevant in-house expertise or the necessary resources to develop the vision and generate the internal debate about what is desired and possible. Therefore it is necessary to bring in consultants to study, quantify and assess the options.

Providing multiple, technically detailed scenarios that can be easily communicated to non-technical decision makers and stakeholders is an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Opportunities and positive momentum are in danger of being lost.

Particularly at the master planning and feasibility stages all decision makers and advisers need be able share and discuss the implications of multiple techno-economic scenarios such that plans can be refined and updated.

Comsof Heat software enables local authorities to develop costed, credible visions of their local heat network. As a visual tool it enables them to have meaningful input and work closely with the technical team.

This GIS-based software leverages the technical detail and expertise required for a resilient and credible design whilst adding in the computational power to study many scenarios, quickly and in greater detail than ever before.

Comsof Heat is already used by the Rotterdam and Amsterdam city authorities. In the U.K., as part of the www.heatvision2030.com project, we have demonstrated the power of creating visual and detailed maps of Glasgow and Chelmsford.

For all those involved in heat network policy, planning, design and operation our upcoming webinar will provide insight into how to leverage Comsof Heat to accelerate the development of credible, costed, heat network plans and build confidence amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Webinar: ‘Comsof Heat in the U.K.- working with local authorities to design and deploy district heating ’

February 25th at 11am -12pm GMT.

Comsof Heat Webinar- Accelerate your heat network planning


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