Comsof Heat is applicable for the design and mapping of heat networks from pre-feasibillity through to detailed scenario building and project development.

Building on our webinar we are now offering an online training programme. As such, you’ll learn how to use the Comsof Heat GIS-based heat network design, mapping and planning platform.

Therefore, please write to for further information about to sign-up for the Comsof Heat training course.

With Comsof Heat local authorities, utilities, developers and consultants can accelerate their district heating plans with confidence.

Meanwhile, if you missed the webinar, ‘Comsof Heat in the U.K.’ you can catch-up here to learn about the projects developed in partnership with Rotterdam, Glasgow and Chelmsford.

The Rotterdam team leveraged Comsof Heat to design and manage a very large-scale heat network deployment. The project aims to decarbonise 100,000 plus existing homes.

We learnt that Comsof Heat addresses multiple pain points for local authorities and utilities, reflected in the guest profile.

Over 40% of the attendees are involved in local area energy, heat and energy efficiency strategic planning.

City authorities and local councils tell us they have limited resources and skills within the teams assigned to address the planning and development of heat networks. That includes the energy masterplanning strategy more broadly. These are the areas we studied and presented relating to Chelmsford City Council. We go into further detail in our white paper.

The Comsof Heat user is looking for a quick route to clear and easy to interpret heat networks mapping and designs. By being able to process each scenario within a few minutes it helps to quickly build strategic thinking. Because of the didactic and visual outputs, it is eminently easier to communicate ideas than using a spreadsheet.

Comsof Heat empowers the local municipality team by giving them access to detailed techno-economic outputs regarding the potential for heat networks in their area. This in turn leads to more productive and strategically focussed conversations with internal stakeholders, executive teams and enables them to give clearer direction to their expert consultants when developing the plan.

You may be interested in our Glasgow white paper. In it we build a picture of the challenges and barriers that cities face when attempting to move towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

Our poll demonstrated the urgency and opportunity for heat networks with:

  • 80% of respondents confirming that their city or town has the potential or ambition to deliver heat networks
  • 75% of respondents living in local authority areas that have declared a climate emergency.

We want to enable strategic planners, energy and sustainability leads, consultants and project developers to enrich their modelling, include a diverse set of views and goals. And as such, Comsof Heat is now offering an online training course in Spring 2021. Please write to for further information and watch out for more news on our website and LinkedIn.


Comsof Heat Training Session

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