Comsof Heat is a heat network mapping tool that follows the Heat Network Development Unit (HNDU) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) design and development process. Comsof Heat is applicable from the heat mapping and master planning stage through to detailed project development.


Comsof is organising a Comsof Heat Open Training. This training will give you an overview of the key benefits and functionalities of our software and will allow you to asses if the software is suitable for your business and your type of projects. COMSOF works at any scale from dozens to thousands of buildings.

It requires fewer man hours to provide more detailed scenarios that are easier to scrutinise and improve. Multiple scenarios can be calculated and visualised in a workshop setting. These scenarios can be compared against different feasibility, planning and finance criteria at the same time.

If you want to learn more, join us for Open Training- click here to register.

The target audience includes representatives of local authorities and governments, planners & designers from engineering & consultancy firms and district heating operators, partners…who are working on energy master planning, feasibility studies, business case development and techno-economic assessment of  district heating networks. The training includes theory and practice. For the practical exercises you will receive a trial version of the software for a period of 2 months.


Session 1 – April 21st 2021 – 14h – 16h CET time (13h – 15h UK time)

  • Introduction
  • Overview of key software benefits and features
  • Overview of reference projects and use cases

Session 2 – April 28th 2021 – 14h – 16h CET time (13h – 15h UK time)

  • General network design methodology
  • First district heating network design with Comsof Heat
  • Practical info for the exercises

Session 3 – May 12th 2021 – 14h – 16h CET time (13h – 15h UK time)

  • In depth configuration of design rules
  • Design strategies
  • Transport & distribution network design
  • Practical info for the exercises

Session 4 – May 19th 2021 – 14h – 16h CET time (13h – 15h UK time)

  • Design networks with heat source constraints
  • Investment analysis
  • Roll out planning
  • Cloud calculations
  • Practical info for the exercises
  • Close-out

Three separate sessions of 1 hour will be organised for guidance with the exercises. Date and time will be announced at the first session on April 21st. Registration details:

  • Fee: 200 euro per person
  • Registration form: here

Join the Comsof Heat Training for heat network mapping and design

Comsof Open Training- Starts 21st April
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